Wednesday, November 19, 2008

i took my first sick day yesterday. i guess i just can't get used to working 5 day weeks:) actually though, it was an emergency and i had to take off... even though i was supposed to get observed, whoops!

luckily i rescheduled the observation today and i already know i did fine. i used the same lesson i was observed with on monday by my university liaison. it was a real hit two days ago, and i'm sure it went over equally as well today. the only difference is i was observed with a rowdy class, which wasn't as originally planned.

we got a new transfer student today who came in from a private school. seems like that's going to be happening a lot do to the economy. i asked her what she was learning in math when she left, and her class was about 2 months ahead of where i'm holding. it's only mid-november, i don't know where i went wrong!

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