Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Today I had a random observation from my principal. Not cool. She stayed for the entire hour.

My lesson went over very well with the kids and I happened to be super prepared today, but I didn't have a cooperative learning component. I opted not to do it with this class because 1) they're CTT and generally don't do so well with day to day group work and 2) it was the day after a 3 day weekend and I really wanted them to focus.

It happens to be that almost all of them understood the concept very well and considering their usual behavior, I'm very happy with them. Just not so sure what my principal thought of the lesson.

On a side note I think a student of mine has a girl crush on me. I heard her talking about how pretty I was with some other students. Then she complemented my eyes twice. Later in the day she told me how cute my hair was. And at the end of the day she said "I love you, Ms. Adelaide." I just ignored her, and I hope she's over this by tomorrow (she's flaky like that.)