Monday, November 17, 2008

feeling better

my week started off today a bit crazy. i'm fortunate to have a great class first period on mondays, so even without a clear lesson plan, they're game for example after example on the board, competing with each other to get the most right and put them up for everyone to see. so that's what we did.

then i have 2 hours of prep. with about an hour left, my school secretary reminded me that i was being observed by my college professor today (during a bad class; i don't know what i was thinking!) so i thought real hard and planned a fun, easy lesson on unit rates and thanksgiving recipes. it went over really well with the kids and the observer loved it.

i also was reminded that i'm getting observed by my AP tomorrow at 9am (the good class.) i'm thinking of using the same lesson, just making it more advanced and competitive for them.

i got my graduate class over with for the week, too. tomorrow and friday are my hardest days. once i'm finished tomorrow, the rest of the week is a breeze until friday. i already have lessons for half my classes tomorrow so i'm almost there. i so wish i didn't plan day to day though. but this week seems like it will be a bit better than last week.

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