Monday, August 24, 2009

summer school recap

it wasn't bad at all. teaching 2 hour long classes was a bit trying, but i loved being done with my day by 10am. i kicked the worst kid out of my class on day one, and i had virtually no problem with any other students.

i needed the money and it was definitely worth it. even as the summer is ending and i'm gearing up to start a new school year, i would say i will definitely teach summer school again next year as long as the opportunity is there.

almost half of the kids that sat for the summer regent's passed. this brings my passing percentage up to somewhere in the 75-80% range. thank goodness for low standards.

i'm starting to get a little nervous about the upcoming school year though. i'm teaching the same subject as last year, but i want to revamp it in a sense. i want to change the order of the curriculum and change a lot of my lessons. i've been putting it off but i need to start. i would like to have at least my first unit written out by Monday.

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